Crescent Springs Newsletter- January 2018

Crescent Springs is located on West 80th Street in the heart of Old Downtown Overland Park.  We’re on 80th Street between Santa Fe Dr. & Metcalf.

7327 W. 80th Street, Overland Park, KS  66204
Shop Hours                                       
Tues-Fri   10am-6pm                                   
Saturday   9:30am-5pm                   
Sunday      Closed                                                 HUGE PARKING LOT OUT BACK!!!
Monday     Closed                                                Walkway on left side of building, about where
                                                                                    Dumpster is)
Holiday Hours       
New Year’s Eve Day:  Closed  
New Year’s Day:  Closed
TO THE OLD FRED’S TRAIN SHOP!   (the gray building)
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Things to know about us
*5% OFF Books, CDs & Divination Decks — EVERYDAY!!!  (Even if we special order it)
*If we don’t have it in stock, we’re happy to order it!
*Our Herbs are purchased food grade — many are Organic.  Please let us know if you’d like us to order   one we don’t currently stock.
*Please register for classes & events in ADVANCE— or they may be canceled!!
*We desire to give you the best service we can.  Please let us know if there is something we can do to enhance your experience.
*If there’s something you’d like us stock – let us know – it could happen.
*Need merchandise shipped?  We are happy to ship it for you.
*Receive a merchandise discount when you attend classes & events.
***Leigh Shella Memorial Drum Ceremony and Potluck***
Saturday, 1/6, 5:30pm
Donation basket for Leigh’s family to help with expenses
People come into our lives for many reasons, sometimes only The Universe knows them at the time. Some stay an entire lifetime, some stay a short time.  When one cycle ends, a new cycle always begins. As a community, we would love to honor Leigh Shella whose earth cycle ended and her new journey begins in the beauty and vastness of time. Come and join us Saturday, January 6th at 5:30 p.m., in prayer, a sacred drum song and potluck. Let’s remember her, celebrate her, and share this precious time to help heal our hearts. Feel free to bring a drum, rattle, flute, a singing bowl, your voice, your dance or just be and share your light and energy as we create a song for Leigh. After the drum ceremony song, join us for the potluck. Feel free to bring something to add to the table. If you are not able to, just bring yourself. We will have a basket for donations; all monies will be given to Leigh’s family to help with any expenses.
***KC Tarot/ Oracle Meetup***
Saturday, 1/6, 2pm-4pm
“Layouts and Readings for the New Year.”
It’s been a LONG while since we had a Meetup! We want to get back to it on a monthly basis.
We’ll start off 2018 with a Meetup all about Layouts and Types of readings for the New Year. Wheel of the Year layouts, 3 card layouts, Animal Guide readings, and other card readings will be discussed. We will also look at how other divination methods can play into a yearly reading, numerology, astrology, Chinese astrology, etc.
As always, we will do reading exchanges at the end. Make sure to bring whatever decks are your favorites.
Feel free to bring snacks. We will have a door prize as well. Plus our sponsor store gives you 10% off anything purchased the day of our meeting!

 ***Higher Self Alignment Temple***             
Rev. Kat Lyman
Returning in February!!!                 Must confirm RSVP with Name & Phone!
NO LATE ENTRY!       BRING A PILLOW, BLANKET & SOCKS  ***Please be perfume free!!!
 The Higher Self Alignment Temple comes from Huna Kane, which is OmniDimensional Transformational Cellular “bodywork.”  It is a right/left brain synchronization, which opens the connection between both hemispheres of the brain.  Simultaneously, the doorways to all levels of consciousness are unlocked and the rejuvenation capacities of the body are activated and set into high gear.  It opens the heart to share & receive greater love.  It facilitates the Sacred Union within.  This transformational process helps take one to their next level.  It’s LIMITLESS & it’s up to YOU!  WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO & WHAT DO YOU WANT TO CREATE?
The Higher Self Alignment facilitates transformation & healing of the physical, mental/emotional & spiritual bodies.  It’s like garlic-it’s good for everything!  Including going further & deeper into the Love & Light of All That Is then you’ve gone before.
Each Temple builds on the previous & creates the space for quantum shifting as well as more ease & grace in one’s life.
*** Reiki Seichim: Living Light Energy***           Interested in a class-let Rev. Kat know
Rev. Kat Lyman, Reiki Seichim Master Teacher                        & we’ll schedule it!
What is Reiki Seichim?
Reiki Seichim is channeled Living Light Energy from the Source.  It was rediscovered in Egypt by Patrick Zeigler in 1980 and carries an ancient Egyptian energetic.  Reiki Seichim is a limitless form of transformation and healing that can be shared with anyone or anything.  It has been described as ecstatic, galactic heart energy.  Seichim assists with one’s awakening; the more you share, the more you open and receive.  THERE ARE NO LIMITS!!!!   ***ALL DEGREES AVAILABLE
*** Insightful Readings of Sequoia ***
Sequoia White Deer (a.k.a. Shannon Hall)
Saturday, 1/27, 10am-3pm
Up to 15 minutes: $20       ***Up to 30 minutes: $30       *Up to 60 minutes: $60
Also offered:   Quick $5 Rune of the Day draw for insight for what to be mindful of as you go about your day.
Shannon Hall (Sequoia White Deer) reads Lenormand, and Kipper cards.  Both decks hail from Germany long ago.  Lenormand, known better in France by Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand who was the French fortune-teller of the Napoleonic era, gives practical advice from reality.  Kipper explains relationships – kid of a drama queen but gets into the nitty gritty of the situation.  Be careful what you ask because you might just find out the real answer!  Shannon has a few years of reader experience having been at KC Metaphysical as a reader and also a monthly (mostly) regular reader at Crescent Springs in Overland Park, KS.  She also is a psychic for a paranormal investigative team.  Co-Founder of Deer Heart Energy, a Reiki Seichim Master and teacher of the Reiki Crystal of Awakening, ordained minister through Spiritual Humanism, and certified by the World Metaphysical Association Approved School-Journey Whispers. Come experience the Insight of Sequoia with readings from a down to earth animistic viewpoint.

*** Akashic Records Readings, Reiki Seichim & Spiritual Readings with Teresa Richardson   

Saturday, 1/13, 11am-4pm

$30/ 30 mins.   $50/ hour

 Teresa Richardson is an Akashic Records Practitioner, Reiki Seichim Master and Intuitive Reader/ Facilitator specializing in loving care for all.  At the Shop, Teresa will provide Akashic Record/Spiritual readings and Reiki Seichim sessions.  Akashic Records contain our entire soul’s history. Accessing our Akashic records helps with soul re-alignment and helps us discover more information about our soul through past and present lifetimes.  Our records will also help us access the energies of our soul and discover our soul purpose in different/current lifetimes.  Come discover and evolve with this invaluable tool today!  All services are also available for pets; please bring a picture or favorite toy (not required) for a pet session.  Appointments are not necessary but encouraged.  Contact Teresa: or
***Animal Spirit/Guide Readings & Tarot Readings***
Sylvia Vallotton
Saturday, 1/20, 1:15pm- 4:15pm
$20/ 15 minutes.     $30/ 30 minutes.
Animal Spirit/Guide readings help you connect with the animal spirits/guides that have lessons to teach you, comfort you, or have advice for you. These guides can be for a certain situation, or for a period of time. Many will overlap and be in conjunction with your lifetime animal guides. What do they have to share with you today?  She is one of the organizers of the KC Tarot Oracle Meetup and co-founder of KC Metaphysical Fair and Website.
***Astrology Readings with Elizabeth Cutting***
Saturday, 1/6, 10am-1pm
Saturday, 1/20, 10am-1pm
The Mini Reading: $20/ 15 minutes.    $30 for 30 minutes    Full Readings:  $50/ hour
Full readings usually begin at $100.  She is offering a special price on the full reading for $50 for an hour.
 Elizabeth Cutting will be offering a choice of mini or full astrology readings.  These astrology readings focus on the major lessons of your soul, and the current lessons or initiations of one’s life journey.  An accurate astrology reading requires date of birth, city of birth, and exact time of birth. 
Elizabeth Cutting is a writer, astrologer, consultant and seminar producer.  She received her MBA from Northwestern University, is a past president of the Aquarian Organization of Astrologers, and has studied with many of the top national astrologers. She served on the boards of several professional organizations, and had 20 years of experience as a marketing executive.  She has written numerous magazine articles, published in local and national periodicals, such as Yoga Journal.  Along with working with corporate clients in new business development, she also presents seminars in astrology, conscious language, wild food foraging and Sanskrit mantras.  Elizabeth has presented at the Environmental Protection Agency, The Omega Institute, Monsanto and Ford Motor Company.  She hosts spiritually-oriented workshops from national and international presenters.  She can be contacted at 816-532-4727 or

***Transformation & Healing Sessions Available with Rev. Kat Lyman***


***Usually on Wednesdays.

Awaken to Your Truth…It is Time

Transformational Sessions Available By Appointment:
~Huna Kane ~Reiki Seichim ~Intuitive Sessions ~Spiritual Guidance
~Reiki Seichim Training ~Mini Sessions Available

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