Crescent Springs Newsletter November 2016

Crescent Springs is located on West 80th Street in the heart of Old Downtown Overland Park.  We’re on 80th Street between Santa Fe Dr. & Metcalf.
7317 W. 80th Street, Overland Park, KS  66204
Shop Hours                                         
Tues-Fri   10am-6pm                                   
Saturday   9:30am-5pm                   
Sunday      Closed                                                 HUGE PARKING LOT OUT BACK!!!
Monday     Closed                                                Walkway on left side of building, about where
                                                                                    Dumpster is)
Things to know about us
*5% OFF Books, CDs & Divination Decks — EVERYDAY!!!  (Even if we special order it)
*If we don’t have it in stock, we’re happy to order it!
*Our Herbs are purchased food grade — many are Organic.  Please let us know if you’d like us to order   one we don’t currently stock.
*Please register for classes & events in ADVANCE— or they may be canceled!!
*We desire to give you the best service we can.  Please let us know if there is something we can do to enhance your experience.
*If there’s something you’d like us stock – let us know – it could happen.
*Need merchandise shipped?  We are happy to ship it for you.
*Receive a merchandise discount when you attend classes & events.
***Full Moon 11/14   ***New Moon 11/29   ***Veteran’s Day 11/11   ***Thanksgiving 11/24
Please call Crescent Springs to register at least 3 days in ADVANCE for classes, services & events.   (913) 341-2044
***19 year Anniversary Celebration & Customer Appreciation Sale***
Friday, 11/25 ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!                               
Thank you all for 19 years in business!  It has been a pleasure & honor to be of service & share your journey.  You’re all invited to celebrate with us.
So please stop by; have some coffee, treats & say hi.  Yes, Alison will be in; ask Kat to share some energy with you if you like (she will be available; at no charge, in between assisting guests for “quickie energy session”.  Teresa Richardson will be available for free 5 minute people or animal reading from 1pm-4pm.  Anna Barton will be available for a free 5-10 minute Energywork Sessions (Galactic Energy) from 1pm- 4pm.  Enter our drawing.  And of course you’re welcome to shop our biggest sale of the year:  20% Off Jewelry, Incense, Herbs, Rocks, & T-Shirts.  We look forward to seeing you –come on down we’ll be celebrating all day!  Thanks Again!!!

***Higher Self Alignment Temple***              
Rev. Kat Lyman
Wednesday, 11/2, 6:30pm-8:30pm, $15                       Must confirm RSVP with Name & Phone!
Wednesday, 11/16, 6:30pm-8:30pm, $15                             2 Temples this Month!!!
NO LATE ENTRY!       BRING A PILLOW, BLANKET & SOCKS  ***Please be perfume free!!!
 The Higher Self Alignment Temple comes from Huna Kane, which is OmniDimensional Transformational Cellular “bodywork.”  It is a right/left brain synchronization, which opens the connection between both hemispheres of the brain.  Simultaneously, the doorways to all levels of consciousness are unlocked and the rejuvenation capacities of the body are activated and set into high gear.  It opens the heart to share & receive greater love.  It facilitates the Sacred Union within.  This transformational process helps take one to their next level.  It’s LIMITLESS & it’s up to YOU!  WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO & WHAT DO YOU WANT TO CREATE?
The Higher Self Alignment facilitates transformation & healing of the physical, mental/emotional & spiritual bodies.  It’s like garlic-it’s good for everything!  Including going further & deeper into the Love & Light of All That Is then you’ve gone before.
Each Temple builds on the previous & creates the space for quantum shifting as well as more ease & grace in one’s life.
***Reiki Seichim: Living Light Energy***           Interested in a class-let Rev. Kat know
Rev. Kat Lyman, Reiki Seichim Master Teacher                        & we’ll schedule it!
What is Reiki Seichim?
Reiki Seichim is channeled Living Light Energy from the Source.  It was rediscovered in Egypt by Patrick Zeigler in 1980 and carries an ancient Egyptian energetic.  Reiki Seichim is a limitless form of transformation and healing that can be shared with anyone or anything.  It has been described as ecstatic, galactic heart energy.  Seichim assists with one’s awakening; the more you share, the more you open and receive.  THERE ARE NO LIMITS!!!!   ***ALL DEGREES AVAILABLE
***Crystal & Stone Layouts/Healing Class or Playing with Rocks***
Rev. Kat Lyman
No class this month.       ****Back again in JANUARY!!!!
Interested in the “Laying on of Stones”?  Want to know how to create grids for a specific intention?  Want to know how to be more sensitive to the stones?
Then join us for an evening of fun playing with our “rock & crystal friends” while learning how to intuitively “lay them out” as well as different ways to use stones & crystals for transformation & healing.  The exact format/content of the class will be determined by those in attendance.  This class is experiential & about honoring your intuition.  We will continue this class on a monthly basis as long as folks are interested.  These Classes Are Activational & You Will Be Receiving A “Session” & Become More Attuned To The Stones Present While We “Play With Rocks”.  This Is A Fun Easy Way To Receive A Crystal Healing Session.  Every class is different-designed for all experience levels.
***John of God Crystal Healing Beds***
Anna Barton
Saturday, 11/12, 10am- 3pm   
Sessions: INTRO RATES!   $65.00/ 60 min.  $40.00/ 30 min.  Session times are limited
Anna  Barton has recently returned from the John of God Casa in Brazil, where she was granted permission to return to Kansas City with Crystal Healing Beds. Colored lights matching the vibrational frequencies of the chakra colors, radiate light and energy through the crystals to each respective chakra and shine on and off in certain rhythms to cleanse, balance and align your energies. 
A Crystal Bed Healing is different for everyone, some of the feelings you may experience afterwards are increased energy, clearer thoughts, ability to focus, feeling more at peace, less stressed, and an overall sense of increased wellbeing.    *****Please wear white or light colored clothing to your appointment.

***Akashic Records Readings, Reiki Seichim & Spiritual Readings with Teresa Richardson   
Saturday, 11/5, 1:15pm- 4:15pm                 
Saturday, 11/19, 10am-1pm
$30/ 30 mins.   $50/ hour
 Teresa Richardson is an Akashic Records Practitioner, Reiki Seichim Master and Intuitive Reader/ Facilitator specializing in loving care for all.  At the Shop, Teresa will provide Akashic Record/Spiritual readings and Reiki Seichim sessions.  Akashic Records contain our entire soul’s history. Accessing our Akashic records helps with soul re-alignment and helps us discover more information about our soul through past and present lifetimes.  Our records will also help us access the energies of our soul and discover our soul purpose in different/current lifetimes.  Come discover and evolve with this invaluable tool today!  All services are also available for pets; please bring a picture or favorite toy (not required) for a pet session.  Appointments are not necessary but encouraged.  Contact Teresa: or
***Shamanic Alchemy Readings/Sessions with Leigh Shella***
Saturday, 12/3, 10am-3pm              
$30/30 min      $60/ hour
Shamanic Alchemy is the synthesis of the lifelong study & work of Leigh Shella and is a blend of Seichim Reiki, divination, past life recall, shamanic journey, and intuitive counseling.  Leigh is an intuitive, (clairaudient, clairsentient), as well as a clinically licensed therapist.  Using her Shamanic and contemporary skills, Leigh facilitates an awakening to the spiritual realms and the recognition of the higher self, working towards an alchemical healing of self and relationships with forgiveness as a primary alchemical tool.  Shamanic alchemy is shared with the individual to assist in transforming blocks, issues, relationships and the self; unlocks the life force of All That Is and allows the authentic self to emerge.
*** Angel Portraits with Susan Prout
Saturday, 11/26, 10am-2pm
$50- Angel Portraits                                                                                 
Strengthen the connection with your personal guardian angel with a portrait of your personal angel. Learn your angel’s name and more…….
These are beautiful, frame-able art and very personal.
Susan has been drawing angel portraits since 1998. She has been able to see her own angels since near death experiences at ages 4 & 6. In 1997 she was given the gift of seeing everyone’s angels. She first sees them as clouds of constantly moving color, she knows which of your angels to draw as one steps forward and takes a shape and defines colors. So it is totally up to your angels which one is drawn Experience the connection with your angel today with your Personal Angel Portrait!
***Free Q & A on American Shaman CBD Hemp Oil ***
Susan Prout
Saturday, 11/26, 2:30pm-4:30pm  ***Stop in anytime          ***Product available for purchase!
Susan Prout is an Authorized Distributor of American Shaman CBD will be speaking and answering questions about the health & wellness properties of Hemp Oil and Cannabinoids(CBD). The benefits of CBD Hemp oil are well documented in the news as of late for it’s ability to treat seizure disorders. There are a vast number of other health benefits including, but not limited to, anti-inflammatory properties, pain reduction, anti-anxiety and antidepressant qualities and so much more! Now available legally without prescription in all 50 states, Susan will share with us not only all the benefits of using this nutritional supplement but also how we can go about purchasing it. This may be the most revolutionary advance in health & wellness in many decades.

***Transformation & Healing Sessions Available with Rev. Kat Lyman***
BY APPOINTMENT ONLY                                 
***Usually on Wednesdays.
Awaken to Your Truth…It is Time     
Transformational Sessions Available By Appointment:
~Huna Kane ~Reiki Seichim ~Intuitive Sessions ~Spiritual Guidance
~Reiki Seichim Training ~Mini Sessions Available

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