Current Covid Procedures

Current Shopping Protocols:

Everyone’s safety, health and wellness is very important to us- our guests as well as our team.  (We have many folks that come in with compromised immune systems.) To assist with this, we use a mask policy and enhanced sanitizing procedures. We are monitoring these changing and challenging times and will shift practices when it is time.  We appreciate your assistance with this.

Everyone must have a mask on, this means everyone no matter what condition or age.  Babies in carriers, buggies or carried can have the top down or another covering in lieu of a mask. (We have many folks that come in with compromised immune systems.) We will sanitize your hands upon entry.   Shop with your eyes first, if you want to see, buy or touch something we will explain how it works. Please social distance. The door is always locked; please knock or call for entry. This helps us to monitor the number of people in the shop.  We are doing our best to keep everyone and everything safe and sanitized. Small children need to be held and/or held by hand. No loose kiddos.  You can shop with choices.   Your choices are:  in person- in the shop, at the door- outside the shop, curbside pickup, by phone or Messenger.

Many Blessings!

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