Rev. Shae Moyers

Phoenix Transformational Coaching and Consulting

Rev. Shae Moyers, D.Div.


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Rev. Shae Moyers passionately serves the planet as a catalyst for positive change and transformation. Shae’s own personal evolution has led her to facilitating and assisting others in finding unique, practical ways to create and manifest profound personal transformation in their own lives.  Empowering others to remember their own Divinity, Rev. Shae’s openness, honesty and willingness to be “real” with the clients she works with creates a safe, sacred space for individuals to uncover their own personal, spiritual and/or life purpose. Shae’s gift of insight has a proven track record of getting to the heart of what the real issues are.

A Clairvoyant Intuitive with over 25 years experience, Shae is an ordained minister and spiritual counselor. Her primary focus is providing spiritual transformation coaching and counseling. She also offers intuitive consultations, energy training and energy healing. Shae is a certified Priestess Process ™ Facilitator, Magdalene High Priestess through the lineage of Nicole Christine, a Bishop in the Madonna Ministry and a Usui Traditional Reiki Master Teacher. Rev. Shae is also the Executive Director, Founder of The Phoenix Institute of Conscious Living and High Priestess Emeritus of Circle of the Sacred Phoenix.

Rev. Shae is available for individual private consultations, readings and private parties by appointment only. Phone and email sessions are also available. Any information shared in private sessions is personal and confidential.  To make an appointment or for more information on classes and rates visit or call 913-602-9746 or email Shae at

**Disclaimer: Must be 18yrs. of age or older to receive a reading. Rev Shae Moyers  is not responsible or liable for any and/or all personal decisions made based on information provided during a session. Rev. Shae Moyers  will not do readings on legal, health, paternity or pregnancy issues. Please seek out the appropriate professional for assistance.**