Sequoia White Deer (a.k.a. Shannon Hall)

Shannon Hall (Sequoia White Deer) reads Lenormand, and Kipper cards.  Both decks hail from Germany long ago.  Lenormand, known better in France by Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand who was the French fortune-teller of the Napoleonic era, gives practical advice from reality.  Kipper explains relationships – kid of a drama queen but gets into the nitty gritty of the situation.  Be careful what you ask because you might just find out the real answer!  Shannon has a few years of reader experience having been at KC Metaphysical as a reader and also a monthly (mostly) regular reader at Crescent Springs in Overland Park, KS.  She also is a psychic for a paranormal investigative team.  Co-Founder of Deer Heart Energy, a Reiki Seichim Master and teacher of the Reiki Crystal of Awakening, ordained minister through Spiritual Humanism, and certified by the World Metaphysical Association Approved School-Journey Whispers. Come experience the Insight of Sequoia with readings from a down to earth animistic viewpoint.