Susan Prout

As a child I learned that I had been born the same day as Michelangelo, so I assumed I would one day be an artist as well. But artistic talent did not come naturally to me, so the dream died until it was able to come alive once again years later through the wonderful gift of visions.

It was 1995 and I was a busy mother with four

children just becoming reacquainted with my spirituality. During this time I was able to take a short spiritual retreat to a sacred site in Northwest Missouri. While at the site, I had for lack of a better word a “vision” during meditation. Before my eyes was a moving geometric forms in a rainbow of colors, starting with red and gradually moving through to white. I tried to explain this to my friends with very little luck.

About ten days later, another geometric form appeared while I was somewhere between dreaming and awake. Upon awakening fully, I attempted to sketch this luminous designs with pencil and white paper, but found that it just did not convey the wonderfully luminous, moving shapes that were before my eyes. I stared purchasing some expensive art supplies to express my vision. I then started to draw these designs on colored and black paper. I continued to draw as I saw new images for the next year and a half. This is the “Sacred Geometry” series.

After spending nearly two years of drawing geometric shapes and other images on January 28, 1997 I noticed I was feeling the presence of not only my angels, but also the angels of family and friends. I was soon able to associate which angel was with which person. About three weeks later I heard that the Hale-Bopp comet had sent a magnetic pulse through the sun directly to earth on January 28th. I am still unsure how this is related, but yet another activation had heightened my awareness. And these are now “Guardian Angel Portraits“.

Then again, on April 1st, not knowing why, I ordered acrylic paints and several other art supplies. On the 2nd, exactly three years to the day after my first “vision”, I was shown that by using mirrors, I could help remind others of the constant presence of their angels with mirrors. These are the “Angelic Mirrors”, this series is now discontinued.

I continue to look forward to growing as an artist, and following the Divine guidance that seems to come in unexpected waves. The process of my life as an artist, mother and spiritual be-ing is naturally unfolding. I am enjoying the work that I do, and I am open to any of the Divine ideas that await my further awakening.

Blessings to you all,