Susan Prout

susanWhat if you could see your aura? What if you look at an image like an external MRI that will tell you if your energy is imbalanced? There is a way you can see what your aura looks like. We have a resonant field sensor that will read what your aura & chakras are doing. This machine will show you on a screen what the aura & chakra conditions look like. We will discuss key items on your image as well as print an extensive report that you can take with you. For more info please contact Susan: 816-377-3507. Strengthen the connection with your personal guardian angel with a portrait of your personal angel. Learn your angel’s name and more.......These are beautiful, frame-able art and very personal. Susan has been drawing angel portraits since 1998. She has been able to see her own angels since near death experiences at ages 4 & 6. In 1997 she was given the gift of seeing everyone’s angels. She first sees them as clouds of constantly moving color, she knows which of your angels to draw as one steps forward and takes a shape and defines colors. So it is totally up to your angels which one is drawn Experience the connection with your angel today with your Personal Angel Portrait.